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Pediatric Hypertension Program

The Pediatric Hypertension Program at The Jackson Clinic is a comprehensive program dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of pediatric hypertension. Led by Dr. Adam W. Scott, our program utilizes state-of-the-art blood pressure monitoring equipment and is capable of performing and interpreting 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

We are the only pediatric hypertension specialist in the River Region. Robust communication between the Pediatric Hypertension Program and your primary pediatrician allows us to provide you with professional, comprehensive care close to home.

If you are a referring physician, please call 334-721-9466 to refer a patient to the Pediatric Hypertension Program at The Jackson Clinic.

About Pediatric Hypertension

High blood pressure in children is a growing and concerning health problem amongst children.

About 1 out of every 15 children have high blood pressure at some point during childhood. Because of this high risk for hypertension in childhood, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends universal screening for high blood pressure beginning at the age of 3 years at all check-ups, and sooner if you have risk factors.

Common Risk Factors

  • Overweight or Obesity

  • Family History of High Blood Pressure

  • Born Premature or Low Birth Weight

  • History of Kidney Problems

  • History of Heart Problems

  • Many Other Chronic Medical Conditions

High blood pressure in children has been shown to be persistent into adulthood, and is associated with potentially severe complications. These complications can include heart damage, blood vessel damage, kidney disease, vision problems, and even strokes. By screening for and diagnosing high blood pressure early in childhood, we can identify these risks and start treatment to significantly lower the risks for these complications.

Treatment for high blood pressure in children ranges from dietary and lifestyle changes to medications and other therapies depending on the situation. Your hypertension specialist will help guide this diagnosis and treatment path to develop a treatment plan that is individualized to your child and their diagnosis. We will work with you as a team to treat your child's high blood pressure.

If you think your child has high blood pressure or is at risk for high blood pressure, talk to your primary care provider to see if your child would benefit from an evaluation in our program.